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Featured on QVC

Our products have been featured several times on QVC, the world’s largest TV shopping network. From the US, to the UK, to France, Fairy Fastener® has successfully sold Bracelet Fairy™ and Necklace Fairy™ to thousands of satisfied consumers watching QVC.



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Featured at The Grommet

The Grommet features our must-have fasteners.  They sell unique gifts, innovative tech gadgets and more.




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Praise for the Necklace Fairy™ from travel writer Judi Dash

In September 2016, travel writer and travel gear guru Judi Dash wrote about the Necklace Fairy™. The article has been syndicated to 9 newspapers across the US including Denver Post, LA Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, Orlando Sentinel, Richmond Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, and Hartford Courant.

“Travel gear: Necklace Fairy Fastener eliminates clumsy jewelry clasps” on Denver Post

CLASPED IN A SNAP: Among my many pleasures in traveling solo, securing a necklace with tiny clasps is not one of them. I imagine the collective groans of legions of kindred sufferers, as, with repeated attempts, fingers numb, frustration mounts and success slips ever further from our grasp.

That’s when a fairy godmother — or rather a fairy necklace fastener — would really come in handy. Abracadabra, here comes one now, and what logical magic. The Necklace Fairy Fastener is a 2-part heart-shaped metal necklace-clasp adapter, with an O-ring on the outer edge of one half and a clasp on the outer edge of the other half.

With your necklace chain laid out sensibly on a surface in front of you, just attach the heart half with the clasp to the O-ring of your necklace chain, and the clasp end of your chain to the O-ring on the other heart half. With no wand needed, the two heart halves will snap together easily, via strong magnets at the point where one half slightly overlaps the other.

An internal pin system automatically clicks in place when the magnets engage, adding an extra level of security. To remove the necklace just twist the two heart halves apart. Simple as that. The Necklace Fairy Fastener is about half an inch in diameter, and comes in a gold- or silver-plated finish, with three little crystals adding a crescent of surface bling.

*This design has been retired. Please visit our product page to see the stylish new look.





Fairy Fastener® Goes National with Pharmasave

We are honoured to have Pharmasave choose Bracelet Fairy™ fastener for the cover for their National Christmas Cosmetic Campaign!  Bracelet Fairy™ fastener is available at participating Pharmasave locations across Canada.






IMG_1172_retouched“Best Gift Award” from Canadian Gift and Tableware Association and Retail News

Canadian Gift and Tableware Association (CGTA) and Retail News presented Fairy Fastener® with the award for 2013 Best Gift- Design and Innovation. This is Canada’s largest gift trade show and we were honoured that Retail News acknowledged us.





logo-1Top Retailer sells over 1400 Bracelet Fairy™ Fasteners

Congratulations to The Willows Casual Home in Calgary, who have sold an astounding 1400 Bracelet Fairy™ fasteners in 16 months!


0760-FF8842-BraceletFairyWoman4-1Fairy Fastener® sold across America

The numbers are climbing daily, but in just one year, Fairy Fastener® products can be found in retail stores across Canada and the U.S. Click here to Find A Store or purchase online if you can’t find a store near you. Time To Sparkle!