The Fairies are triplet sisters, born, raised, and living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In 2012, Terri asked her sisters Rhonda and Lou to help bring an innovative fastener to market and Fairy Fastener® was born! The Bracelet Fairy™ fastener proved so popular that one year later, the equally helpful Necklace Fairy™ fastener was introduced. Meet these budding entrepreneurs!

Fairy Facts

  • Our children call us Aunty-Mommy. It’s easier.

  • We ate on a homemade table top with 3 built-in baby seats – which one of us still has in our garage.

  • We do NOT share a brain, as our brother Mike thinks!

  • The Fairies, aka Rhonda, Terri, Lou have confused everyone for over 50 years (but who’s counting?)

  • We DO complete each other’s sentences.

  • Rhonda is the bossy one

  • Mom managed with cloth diapers, sterilizing glass baby bottles and nipples, a wringer washer and clothesline!

  • When we first came home from the hospital Mom put dots on the end of our big toe to tell us apart; Rhonda – 1, Terri – 2, Lou – 3

  • We had long beautiful blond hair and modeled for several hair shows with our hair woven together (it was the 80s). Bathroom breaks were fun. When we cut it all off, our stylist gift wrapped each braid which we still have in a box.

  • Our Mother bought everything in 3 colours to keep our stuff straight; Rhonda – Blue, Terri – Pink, Lou – Yellow

  • Our goal is to dance with “Ellen” and participate in her “12 Days of Giveaways”.